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iManagement Consulting is an IT Management Consulting firm. Our company was incorporated in 2008 with adequate resources and manpower to provide quality services in the areas of Information Technology and Management Consulting. With our industry experience coupled with functional expertise, we utilize the power of business and information technology to provide customized services to standardize individual businesses for the singular goal of increasing the bottom line in a sustainable fashion.

In our approach to providing solutions to individual businesses, we embark on comprehensive research and study, producing results that showcase the big picture that helps management make the best decisions on business strategy, operations, sales, mergers and acquisitions, technology and the organization. We also aim in enabling a collaborative environment to help Government agencies and companies leverage existing technologies to help employees tap into their collective intelligence.


Our vision at iManagement Consulting LLC is to build the best World Class, lean and efficient management systems.


Our Mission is to be long-term advisors to Government agencies and Private companies on issues of Cost, Schedule, Scope and Resource management

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