Solutions & Capabilities

Cost Estimating and Economic Analysis Services: This include

  • Providing a defensible basis for establishing and maintaining a program’s budgetary integrity.
  • Developing a solid foundation for securing approvals as a program moves from one phase to the next.
  • Offering a wealth of quantitative information to help assess strategic program options and guide decision making.
  • Assessing the fiscal impacts of alternative mission options, schedules, acquisition strategies, performance levels, business models and more.
  • Sharing our technical expertise, knowledge of defense acquisition, and experience across a wide range of defense systems, system architectures and information technology platforms.

Our Schedule Management And Analysis Services:

  • Integrating all internal and external interdependencies, required assets and schedule resources that can affect program schedule execution.
  • Developing and maintaining integrated schedule networks for joint program offices with multi-command, multi-service, multi-agency and multinational elements.
  • Performing extensive data gathering and schedule coordination with internal and external organizations, as well as system contractors, subcontractors and their vendors.
  • Determining client needs and deriving innovative solutions that save time, money and effort.

Business Analysis

  • Our Business Case Analyses provide decision makers with the information needed to select the most cost-effective, technically viable solution from among multiple alternative solutions. In conducting our analyses, we:
    1. Examine mission requirements and capabilities, and evaluate alternative approaches to achieving operationally effective, integrated solutions.
    2. Investigate viable solutions and compare cost-effectiveness assessments of each solution to a baseline (the current system(s) or manual processes).
    3. Estimate the ability of each alternative to satisfy the identified mission needs through effectiveness analysis, which includes recommended business/functional process and organizational changes.
    4. Estimate each alternative’s risk-adjusted life cycle costs (LCC) through cost and risk analysis.
    5. Produce a cost-effectiveness comparison that allows decision makers to assess cost, risk, and effectiveness simultaneously.
    6. iManagement Consulting helps clients implement major changes to operations driven by new IT systems. Our support includes site deployment planning and implementation through ongoing user training and troubleshooting services.
    7. iManagement Consulting helps CIOs with strategic planning of their IT systems and infrastructure. We support IT system portfolio management that synchronizes with DoD’s Business Management Modernization (BMMP) architecture within a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) that demonstrates progress toward strategic goals.

Earned Value Management (EVM)

  • Telling the story behind the story—we flesh out the underlying issues and present the analysis in a way that enables intelligent, focused decision making.
  • Assisting in CDRL/SOW development, validating contractor systems, analyzing data and building tailored briefings and reports to support all of our clients’ EVM needs.
  • Reviewing a contractor’s Estimate at Complete (EAC) for realism and developing independent EACs to provide a program with a basis for comparative analysis of estimate integrity. We have performed Independent Estimate at Completion (IEAC) Reviews that have been delivered to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and Congress.
  • Applying state-of-the-art EVM analysis tools such as wInsight, Performance Analyzer, C/S Glue, MS Project, Open Plan, Risk + and others.
  • Integrating Microsoft applications such as MS Excel and PowerPoint with our analytical tools to create effective decision-making presentations.
  • Staying abreast of the most current government requirements and guidelines for EVM implementation to ensure compliance and visibility into appropriate contract details for our customers.
  • Initiating overall EVM processes including defining the EVM data requirements from the contractor, setting up the data extraction process, training SPO personnel, and determining the required EVM analysis products.

Financial Management

  • Translating credible cost estimates into sound POM profiles, fiscal year budget forecasts, spend plans and obligation and expenditure (O&E) forecasts.
  • Managing a coordinated process that tracks program resources from the cost estimate to the POM submission, to future year funding profiles, spend plans, responses to HHQ inquiries and cut drills, and formal reporting (i.e., MAR, SAR, and DAES).
  • Supporting the Program Objective Memorandum (POM) and Budget Estimate Submission (BES) submissions for major programs.
  • Employing a wide range of Government accounting/ financial systems and interfaces to execute budgets; track funding; and report on commitment, obligation and expenditure status.
  • Developing structured tools and techniques for reconciling and managing large, complex DoD contracts.
  • Using thorough project descriptions and credible, hard hitting impacts to prevent potential budget cuts and obtain advocacy and funding for unfunded requirement submissions.

Software Application Development

  • Developing integrated, robust and cohesive applications that provide real solutions for improving efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Creating state-of-the-art configuration controlled software, tracking changes in source code, assigning work to programmers and tracking the schedule for planned releases of our products.
  • Providing automated system testing on candidate releases to ensure operational effectiveness.
  • Incorporating some of the most wide-ranging, stable and standardized technologies in the market, including VB.NET, ASP.NET, C/C++, WinForms, Silverlight, Office, web services, SQL Server and Oracle.
  • Offering technical support five days a week, 12 hours a day, to government and commercial organizations throughout the world.
  • Providing rapid development and delivery of focused applications and concept training to ensure proper use of the software applications and understanding of the basic principles in specialized areas of interest.

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